Definitions & General Information

  1. “Acceptance” means that the Agency has determined that one or more Deliverables satisfy the Agency’s Acceptance Tests. Final Acceptance means that the Agency has determined that all Deliverables satisfy the Agency’s Acceptance Tests. Non-acceptance means that the Agency has determined that one or more Deliverables have not satisfied the Agency’s Acceptance Tests
  2. “Acceptance Criteria” means the Specifications, goals, performance measures, testing results and/or other criteria designated by the Agency and against which the Deliverables may be evaluated for purposes of Acceptance or Non-acceptance thereof.
  3. “Acceptance Tests” or “Acceptance Testing” mean the tests, reviews and other activities that are performed by or on behalf of Agency to determine whether the Deliverables meet the Acceptance Criteria or otherwise satisfy the Agency, as determined by the Agency in its sole discretion.
  4. “Deficiency” means a defect, flaw, anomaly, failure, omission, interruption of service, or other problem of any nature whatsoever with respect to a Deliverable, including, without limitation, any failure of a deliverable to conform to or meet an applicable specification. Deficiency also includes the lack of something essential or necessary for completeness or proper functioning of a Deliverable.
  5. “Deliverables” means all of the goods, products, services, work, work product, items, materials and property to be created, developed, produced, delivered, performed or provided by or on behalf of, or made available through, Contractor (or any agent, contractor or subcontractor of Contractor) in connection with this Contract.
  6. “Documentation” means any and all technical information, commentary, explanations, design documents, system architecture documents, database layouts, test materials, training materials, guides, manuals, worksheets, notes, work papers, and all other information, documentation and materials related to or used in conjunction with the Deliverables, in any medium, including hard copy, electronic, digital, and magnetically or optically encoded media.
  7. “Specifications” means all specifications, requirements, technical standards, performance standards, representations and other criteria related to the Deliverables stated or expressed in this Contract, the Documentation, the RFP, and the Proposal. Specifications shall include the Acceptance Criteria and any specifications, standards or criteria stated or set forth in any applicable state, federal, foreign and local laws, rules and regulations. The Specifications are incorporated into this Contract by reference as if fully set forth in this Contract.
  8. “Special Terms” means the Contract attachment entitled “Special Terms” that contains terms specific to this Contract, including but not limited to the Scope of Work, contract payment terms, and any amendments to these General Terms and Conditions for Services Contracts. If there is a conflict between the General Terms for Services Contracts and the Special Terms, the Special Terms shall prevail.


Ananta K. Moktan
Asian Development Bank, Kamaladi

Keshab Belbase
ProPublic Nepal, Anamnagar

GTZ Nepal, Sanepa
Narayan Shrestha

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We started our journey several years back with the vision of creating a sound socio-technical environment for all. Our customers, vendors, and clients are our strengths who motivate us for channelizing all our potential towards serving them in the best possible manner. We strive towards establishing a strong relationship with our clients, vendors and customers by providing them the best technology products and services.

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A shift from personal computing to mobile computing, the changing IT landscape has witnessed many changes. It has also moved on from physical infrastructure to virtualized spaces along with legacy investments being replaced by ‘as-a-service’ models. With these changes in terms of technology, new opportunities have been created for brands in the technology, distributions and solutions space.

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