Modern businesses and organizations heavily rely on networking to get messages and information across to essential channels. Networking enhances communication and availability of information, allows for more convenient resource sharing, makes file sharing easier and boosts storage capacity.

Data storage, additional communication and security requirements are essential for business. With the networking solution of Leads Innovation Pvt. Ltd., businesses can built larger and stronger distribution networks.

Routing and switching are the building blocks of network which enables communication within organization and outside with customers, business and internet. It boosts resource utilization with device and file sharing

Wireless connectivity has increased mobility, easy sharing and can handle large user volume. Smooth wireless connectivity with adequate bandwidth has been a must in organizations in recent times.

We partner with leading wired and wireless service providers, Cisco Systems and Cambium Networks to deliver precise and secure wi-fi solutions with essential planning to satisfy the enterprise’s needs.

Why Us


We started our journey several years back with the vision of creating a sound socio-technical environment for all. Our customers, vendors, and clients are our strengths who motivate us for channelizing all our potential towards serving them in the best possible manner. We strive towards establishing a strong relationship with our clients, vendors and customers by providing them the best technology products and services.

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Brand Story


A shift from personal computing to mobile computing, the changing IT landscape has witnessed many changes. It has also moved on from physical infrastructure to virtualized spaces along with legacy investments being replaced by ‘as-a-service’ models. With these changes in terms of technology, new opportunities have been created for brands in the technology, distributions and solutions space.

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